What to Expect

  1. 3 minute treatment time
  2. Last 30 seconds feel the coldest
  3. Cold, dry nitrogen vapor
  4. Even cooling over the entire body
  5. Constant monitoring by operator

What to wear

  1. Remain in your underwear, jogging or compression shorts – women may also wear a bra, sports bra, or bikini top.
  2. You will be provided with two pairs of socks, slippers and a robe.

How it works

The state of the art Impact Cryotherapy chamber fills with nitrogen vapor, lowering your skin temperature. The treatment lasts an average of three minutes. Your head remains outside the chamber, and you can exit at any time.

The skin sends signals to the brain, stimulating regulatory actions that effectively activate the healing resources that are naturally produced through your body. Once out of the chamber the body immediately reheats.


Call 601.856.7757 for Member Pricing or Team Pricing.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and ease of cryotherapy. Within the first week of starting it, several lingering muscle & joint issues, which included my hamstring and lower back, found immediate and almost complete relief. Personally, I don’t really like soaking my entire body in ice water for extended periods of time. A three minute session of cryotherapy was much more comfortable to me and quicker. And I simply make a brief stop in my work clothes, then I’m out the door and back on my way.” – Robbie Pendleton