Swimming is more than a physical skill; it’s a language of movement. Swimming takes time to master, and children and adults progress at their own pace. We walk the student through the progressions, take a nurturing, student-centered approach, use patience with the student’s progress, and focus on learning at a pace appropriate for the individual.

Madison Healthplex and Performance Center’s Aquatics Department is proud to provide American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors to guide the youngest to the oldest through learning to swim, improving techniques and skills, and learning to love the aquatics environment for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Combining personalization and the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program, private lesson swim instructors at the Madison Healthplex offer individualized, one-on-one instruction and coaching for 30 minutes in our heated therapy pool or, for the more experienced athlete, in our lap pool.

Packages and Scheduling
Once you have chosen a Private Lesson Package that works for you, one of our seven instructors will contact you to schedule your lessons conveniently and as often as you would like. Instructors will evaluate you and set goals to achieve and provide a positive learning experience.

Private Lesson Packages

  • 8 Lesson Package - $320
  • 4 Lesson Package - $180
  • 1 Lesson Package - $50

To register for private swim lessons, contact Blair McGuffie at bmcguffie@healthplexperformance.com.