Membership Billing Options *All memberships are subject to a $65 one time processing fee upon enrollment, we do not have annual fees or enhancement fees.

One Year Membership Contract paid in Full *subject to change with monthly specials 

Member will pay 12 months up front and will receive a discount of 10%. 

One Year Membership Contract paid Monthly

Monthly membership paid via bank draft. Dues will be paid by an automatic monthly bank/savings account draft. This amount will be deducted on the 4th of every month for that month's dues. A $25 handling fee will be charged for any automatic payment or check returned unpaid. MHPTC must be notified prior to the 20th of the month regarding any bank account or card info change for the following month.

Student Rates

To qualify as a student you must be 13 years of age or older. Individuals under the age of 18 must have parent or legal guardian sign membership agreement prior to joining. Anyone over the age of 18 ( and under the age of 25) must show proof of current full time class schedule.

5 months of membership for $250  *Membership would expire out after 5 months 

For all other pricing info please contact Kelsey at 769.972.2514 or email // MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DURING MONTHLY SPECIALS.