Ask about our available nutrition meal plan programs designed by fitness specialists here at Madison Healthplex Performance Training Center. Each plan includes a 7- day rotation of health smart foods specifically balanced to meet your daily energy needs and fitness goals. Our program is designed to help you establish better eating habits long term by introducing you to a new healthy eating routine to fit your schedule that includes customized food choices based on your personal preferences.


  • Athletic Training Plans
  • Mass/Muscle Builder Plans
  • Performance Training Plans
  • Lean Bodybuilder Plans
  • Low Carb Lifestyle Plans
  • Paleo Lifestyle Plans
  • Stable Blood Sugar Plans
  • Low Glycemic Plans
  • Lean & Tone Physique Plans

From this data we will be able to provide the following information:

  • Estimated number of calories you typically consume
  • Identify deficiencies in vitamins & minerals
  • Estimated calories needed to meet your personal health & fitness goals
  • Provide customized meal plans designed to meet your health & fitness goals
  • Provide customized grocery list to fit your meal plan needs
  • Establish a realistic date to reach your goals and targeted body weight/body fat
  • Educational and motivational handouts Meal plan adjustments to advance your progress
  • Discover what foods work best for your body


  • Please call for pricing and other questions: 601.856.7757