If you have the DESIRE to be better, we have the program to get you there. Being fit for a woman means that we take better care of everyone else in our life- IT IS NOT SELFISH to take this time to become the best you, it is RESPONSIBLE!

What to expect:
  • ALL fitness levels welcome!
  • 60 minute workouts designed to bring you maximum results through; cardiovascular training, progressive strength training, and boxing by coaches who are skilled in each component of fitness!
  • Learn the importance of training in specific heart rate zones *Using MyZone technology - this allows for the workout to be individualized according to your personal fitness level.
  • Each workout will be pre programmed in a progressive manner to ensure that you LOSE FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, & INCREASE YOUR MOBILITY!

**MyZone belts additional charge but not required

For More Info: Kristin Slay  601.486.3788