My personal experience with Madison Healthplex has been positive as my journey began March 29,2022 until the present.   It was a journey that included real lifestyle changes and dedication and inspiration from my instructors and peers.  I have currently lost at 50lbs since participating in the Transformation Challenge and my goal is to continue while the momentum and opportunity to get good results is there.   However, that conversation is reserved for another day, I would like to focus on the the review of the 8 week Brick Course.
The Brick Course in my opinion was lifechanging and as a woman, I found it empowering.  I have always wanted to know the proper mechanics of weight lifting and safety do's and don'ts.  Morgan, our instructor, takes the time to explain the process, purpose and safety of each weight lifting technique.  And finally,  the Brick Course teaches us how to really maximize the equipment one would find in a typical gym.
First, I would like to emphasize that the  most amazing aspect of this course is that it is empowering,  to both men and women.  Morgan not only emphasized that we are physically stronger than we realize but also mentally.   Morgan helped us concentrate and tune in on the strongest muscle we have:  our brains.   When we are focused we can accomplish any weight exercises if we put our minds to it.
Secondly, Morgan has a lot of patience and really takes her time to explain the do's and don'ts of safety lifting weights.   I feel confident going to a gym differentiating hazardous misuse of equipment and adequate proper use.  She also teaches us to be aware of our own limitations and how to gradually work up to our aspired goals, all the while decreasing the risks of harming ourselves.   
Third,  Morgan also teaches us not only how to use the equipment but how to set it up.   For example, I feel very competent going to any gym to set up for chest raises, dead lifts, squats.....etc  Learning how to use basic equipment increases the chances of better health and fitness, in particular because weight lifting increases over all wellness, muscle mass and weight loss through increased metabolism.
My goal is to continue to use the knowledge that I learned from this class to increase muscle mass and lose more fat.  Like the other instructors and my trainers at the Healthplex, I cannot thank Morgan enough for her willingness to help us to be better versions of ourselves.
Morgan is a true gem and her heart is stronger than any muscle out there in the weight lifting universe!
- Kimberly Credit

Brick City makes you a Brick House! 

I didn’t set a numerical lift goal for this class. Actually, for about a decade, I only did cardio & bodyweight training. I had developed a fear around lifting, and I didn’t think weights would help my lanky self. I decided to do Brick City to safely challenge my body to get stronger.

Morgan’s weekly assignments made me pay attention to how different muscles & muscle groups work together to gain the strength to properly bench press, squat, and deadlift. It’s a total body workout that will leave parts of your body shaking, but you will recover and you will get stronger, mentally & physically. Morgan is there, every step of the way. 

When Morgan sends the weekly workouts, you’ll question her  sanity (especially by week 3 or 4) & then you’ll appreciate her genius when you see the gains…and you will see the gains during the class. You will feel yourself getting stronger. Morgan is walking motivation & a welcome kick-in-the-pants. I’ve been lanky all my life but I am noticeably stronger after Brick City, and it feels good. 

-Veritas et Utilitas,Jennifer Brooks, J.D. 

From day 1, I knew Brick City was going to be worth the investment. You can truly tell how much thought and planning went into this program. Each week built off the previous one and I can honestly say I saw improvement in myself every step of the way. The weekly workouts leading up to each Saturday were extremely helpful in preparing us for what was to come. My goal was to come away from this class stronger than where I started and to gain the proper knowledge about form, warming up, stretching etc. to help me get there. I have worked out for years, but I knew taking Morgan’s class would provide insight that I can’t get anywhere else. Morgan’s program and her motivation and confidence in me (and everyone else!) were a huge factor in not only meeting, but exceeding my goals and overall expectations! Her knowledge in strength training is unmatched! And her hype for us…just wow! It was extremely motivating. 

It was important to Morgan that we got out of the class what we came for, that we came out stronger and better. She would take videos of our form, show us examples, make herself available outside of class to answer questions, whatever it took to make sure we were progressing. These are just a few of many examples where Morgan sets herself apart. She gets just as much joy out of us meeting our goals as we do!! 

I will be highly recommending Brick City to anyone that will listen! I could go on and on about this program and how much I believe in it. If there is ever a Brick City 2 where we build off the beginner program, SIGN ME UP!! 

-Katie Sanders