Kenneth Hutton



I am a licensed massage therapist working for the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton and Jackson, MS.  I have been officially licensed since March 2012 by the MS State Board of Massage Therapy. I have a passion for specializing in Sports Massage as well as Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Therapy along with Swedish massage.  I attended The Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage in January 2011 and graduated with a Diploma in Massage Therapy in October 2011.  I began researching   massage therapy in January 2010 and I developed that future passion for it once I realized the many different ways it could provide such a positive impact on a person’s life changing purpose.            

As a Massage Therapist I enjoy listening to clients stories of their current conditions so that I can figure out what brought them to their current pain state.  I truly owe all of the achievements to my teachers from the Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage being that I utilize every possible step I’ve previously learned from the school as well as any new techniques that I have learned along the way of mastering my craft.  Nothing makes me happier than to see a client smile after their session.  It proves that I’ve succeeded in providing them with the relief they seek.

Massage Therapy is a combination of muscle manipulating techniques via either active engagement of the client and/or passive engagement of the therapist. On April 13TH, 2014 I began specializing in a newly acquired modality called Myofascial Release Therapy, which is a more advanced version of deep tissue massage. Since working at both Healthplex locations, these places have allowed me to meet all different sorts of people from all over the country and some I have even attained the opportunity to work with.  The experiences are very heartwarming and I cherish every moment.  I look forward to meeting more new people with the hopes of providing positive impacts in their lives via the use of massage therapy.  So please feel free to give me a call any day of the week on my cell phone at (601) 896-4934.