“I have had over 30 personal training sessions with Lenny, and I keep coming back for more because he has helped me so much. I suffer from chronic lower back pain, and Lenny has helped me lessen it through the customized stretches and exercises he has me do. In just a few months I feel so much better and stronger and healthier from his training.”

- Marylin Katz

“I started training with Lenny with a shoulder injury,  I now have normal range of motion with no pain! smiley

- Delta Austin

In early March I began a 2 month duty with my Reserve Unit in Meridian, Two months eventually turned into 6 months. I was fortunate enough to complete my workout/exercising before I reported to work at 9:00 a.m. I really enjoyed this and had become productively active. Sometime in early June I did something funky to my back. Not sure if it was from exercising, sitting a an incorrect workstation, or extensive cleaning at the reserve center. I came home early and went to MEA, bad muscle strain was the diagnosis. Medications and rest was my prescription. A few days later, the pain became more annoying. So to the ER I went. Possible/probable herniated disc in the low back. Pain medicine, NSAID, and don't stop moving(exercising) and focus on strengthening your core and back was the new prescription. I began walking, power walking and following the modifier in my workout routines. Pain was tolerable but still lingered a month later. Went to family doctor. Herniated disc confirmed, continue medications, back brace and rest was the prescription. 

It was almost time for me to return to my civilian life, so I knew I had to continue moving but in a modified version. The prescription the ER doctor gave me kept ringing in my head. One day, I went to the Healthplex to use the machines. I asked one of the staff members to help me adjust a machine and he give me a brief refresher. We kept talking and finally realized we had met each other a few years ago. Lenny was very helpful as we continued to chat about lots of things and my many, many injuries. And wouldn't you know it, Lenny focuses on rehab/injury recovery. He recommended that I focus on strengthening my core and back and scale back on the pavement running. My first thought was no way can I pause my pavement running. But the lingering pain was saying otherwise.

After some deep thinking, I reached out to Lenny about personal training sessions with a focus on rehab/recovery for my back. Our first session started with my back pain probably at a 6. During our first workout I was thinking, "I'm not sweating like I normally do so this ain't gonna work." By the end of the workout, I was sweating, my pain level was at a 3 and my body was feeling the burn. Boy, was I scratching my head as I walked down the stairs. Lenny showed me some simple moves I can do when my back started hurting or nagging me.

Lenny took me to an area of the gym that I feared, the TRX station. He had me doing push-ups, squats, planks, rows, etc. in this area. My back was breathing a sigh of relief. I was sweating, had the wet noodle feeling in my legs and arms. After a few sessions, Lenny recommended that I decrease the NSAIDS because the medication was probably masking the problem. I took his suggestion, continued my sessions with him and the back began to feel better and better. During our sessions, Lenny showed me the proper way to do various exercises and stressed the importance of correct form versus high number of reps. Doing a proper squat can be a killer. 
I am thankful for all the knowledge Lenny shared with me. And he helped me to fill the ER doctor's prescription of "do not stop moving." I continue to work to strengthen my back, good cross & weight training which will help me continue running half marathons. I am now up to 8 miles in my half marathon training. Seldomly have to take pain medications or NSAIDs. A part of me did not imagine being able to keep moving after a diagnosis of a herniated disc.

Lenny--Thanks a million times 100...Happy Back, Happy Hips, Happy Legs, Happy Feet..... HAPPY RUNNING

- Demetria