Personal fitness trainers instruct individuals about exercise activities that improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. They listen to clients to find out personal fitness goals, then develop an exercise program, tailoring workouts to a client's specific needs. They demonstrate movements, ask clients to repeat them while offering tips on improving form, and motivate exercisers to return for personal sessions on a regular schedule so physical progress can continue steadily. They explain how to safely use exercise equipment. They may also give information on nutrition, weight management, and general lifestyle changes.

Our certified personal trainers are here to help you become the healthiest and best version of yourself. We will connect you to a Personal Trainer who will be devoted to helping you succeed. You can expect a tailored fitness plan that will suit your body, fitness goals, and will deliver results! Contact Jake Hinkle at or 601.573.4563 to schedule sessions. 


Our Training Process

  1. Fitness Assessment / Inbody Scan
  2. Fitness Plan / Training Sessions
  3. Results / Reach Milestone

Jake Hinkle - Fitness Manager

Jake, a Madison native, has been a personal trainer at the Healthplex since 2016. He has earned a bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine from Belhaven University (2018) and a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from Mississippi College (2020). His experience dates back to his powerlifting days where he won the 2014 MS State Championships and placed 3rd in the MS Bodybuilding Southern Classic Competition. "One on one training gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge to help others build confidence, strength, and their dream health goals."

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Kelsey Naquin

Kelsey Naquin - Fitness Specialist

Kelsey Naquin achieved a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology – Exercise Science from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2020. She has 13 years of experience in gymnastics and cheerleading and completed her accomplishments as a collegiate athlete. Naquin has trained all ages ranging from children to senior citizens in her training career. Some of her true passions in fitness are flexibility, stretching, balance, cardio, and strength.

Lenny ross

Lenny Ross - Fitness Specialist 

Lenny Ross is an Exercise Physiologist that has been making exercise fun and entertaining since 1997. He has experience training all ages and fitness levels. Everyone is different, so Lenny designs specific exercise programs designed around your specific needs and wants. No matter what the issue with your back, knees, neck, etc., there is a program for you that will definitely help. Ask about programs like Warm Up for Life, Super Senior, Post Rehab, and Elite Performance among many others. Lenny will design a personalized program designed to make it not only fun but effective.

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Heather Tutor photograph

Heather Tutor - Fitness Specialist 

Heather Tutor obtained a Biology degree from USM in 1995. After working in healthcare for over 20 years, she is now focusing on her true passion... fitness. She has been training with the Madison Healthplex for the past two years from teaching group exercise classes that include body pump, shred, barre, and also training members one on one.

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Darby Damon - Fitness Specialist 

Darby is a Madison native who is passionate about helping others embrace a lifestyle of health. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations from Mississippi College. Darby is currently completing her Master's Degree in Counseling and plans to integrate her knowledge of physical and mental health to help others achieve their goals. Darby has taught fitness classes in Zumba, Strong by Zumba, and Body Pump. She enjoys working with all ages to encourage them towards a healthier lifestyle. 

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Hunter Tyler - Fitness Specialist 

Hunter previously worked for the Madison Police Department and graduated with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science from Ole Miss. While at Ole Miss, Hunter interned with the football strength and conditioning program. After graduation, Hunter started working at a Physical Therapy Clinic where he trained baseball players, aiding in their return to sport training after injury while working on their pitching mechanics and strength program to improve their velocity.

Over the past six years, Hunter has been powerlifting with the Unites States Power Lifting Association. He is also currently enrolled in a Masters of Sports Analytics program with a Specialty in Sports Performance through Ole Miss and is studying to get certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Hunter enjoys working with clients to take their fitness and training to the next level.

Hope Housel - Fitness Specialist 

Hope graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's in Marketing. While at Auburn, she worked for the Campus Rec Center as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor for over two years. Hope is now a certified personal trainer and loves the one-on-one aspect of training her clients. She currently works in the corporate world, but trains clients before and after work hours. Hope's true passion is helping others become healthier, both mentally and physically, so they can live life to the fullest.

Lamar Jones - Fitness Specialist

Lamar received a Bachelor's in Kinesiology- Exercise Science from The University of Southern Mississippi. He has worked with a variety of ages and skill levels throughout his career to improve their fitness and sports game. Lamar has over seven years of athletic and personal training experience including his role as Fitness Director at a local gym in Jackson.